Our Story

Ship Inn Pub, Aldwick

Ship Inn Wine was founded by David Gerrie and Mark Debnam to help provide funding to the community of Aldwick in West Sussex, who are involved in an attempt to buy back and re-float their local Ship Inn pub.

David has been an active campaigner from the beginning and currently sits as vice chairman on the steering committee. As part of the many opportunities which the Ship Inn will provide to the village, we thought that the village could have a wine club. The one big advantage is that the profits generated from the sale of wine can be set aside to help fund the project. The beauty of this is that the Ship Inn Wine company is now operational as a limited company and can continue to bring the community together whatever the future holds for our pub!

We hope you enjoy the Christmas wine offering which is now available to purchase, giving you a choice of wine cases, and look forward to launching our wine club soon.

David has lived in Aldwick since 2004 in Grange Lodge and is a successful entrepreneur. He runs two main business one is insurance related and the other is his sugar business Trade Aid UK selling sugar into the main retail market, the profits from which go into the Foundation supporting a whole raft of third world aid programmes, do take a look at the website www.tradeaiduk.com. David is married to Caroline who not only helps in the charity but runs her own Pilates classes. Together they have three children and five grandchildren, so all in all pretty busy!

Mark lives in Rustington and they have known each other for well over 20 years. Mark is also a successful business entrepreneur who runs his own graphic design and marketing agency, which can be found at www.surklecreative.com. He is married to Natasha and they have three children.